Custom made proofer pockets

Designed and developed in close cooperation with our customers

Close cooperation

In addition to offering the possibility to order standard products from our product portfolio we also offer the option to order your custom Proofer Pocket.
In close cooperation with our customers we design and develop new and innovative pockets to fit their existing Intermediate Proofer.
Our customers are bakeries, large and small; proofer manufacturers as well as companies offering services and or maintenance jobs.The design of the pocket may include round, square or rectangular models in every shape and size.
Pockets can have nylon mesh, coarse or fine, or can be executed with needle felt, the choice is up to you.

Design and build

Usually the process of developing a new product starts with collecting information regarding the existing situation. Based on that information we design and draw the updated or new product. Of that design we build a 3D print of the model, which model is trialed in customer’s proofer tray.
Upon approval of the 3D model the required production tool is made.
First products out of this tool again are being trialed at customer’s. Minor changes may be carried out, after which the final product is being produced in the quantity as per customers requirement.
If you are interested in learning more about what we can do regarding your requirement for a specific pocket, please contact us to discuss the options that we can offer you.