Commercial Bakery Supplies

New markets and sales

Collaboration with distributors

BekeProoferCups welcomes collaborations with distributors of commercial bakery supplies. In the wholesale market for bakery supplies proofer cups and pockets are not always a standard item because of the many sizes and shapes. In collaborating with BekeProoferCups distributors will gain new markets and sales without having to cope with large stocks or non-availability.

Why most distributors do not supply proofer cups

As most manufacturers build intermediate proofers based upon their proper design, sizes and shapes of cups and pockets vary from one manufacturer to another. This complicates the market for replacement cups as third parties must keep large stock of all these possible sizes and shapes. For distributors of commercial bakery supplies this poses problems in taking in large stocks of different models of proofer cups. Moreover, they have to put time and energy in finding out the possible sizes and pockets. The result is that a large part of the distributors do not supply replacement cups for intermediate proofers.

Why distributors gain extra sales with Beke Proofer Cups

Direct supply

As BekeProoferCups can supply all sizes and shapes of proofer pockets for all major brands of intermediate proofers distributors do not have to take in large stocks of cups and pockets for their customers.

Interesting prices

We manufacture proofer cups and pockets within our own efficient and flexible production facility. As we specialize in cups and pockets for dough handling equipment our prices are in general (much) lower than those of other manufacturers or resellers.

High quality

We constantly are testing and improving our products. A high quality product is very important to us as commercial bakeries will judge us upon the durability of our cups and the impact on their finished products.

Interested in a collaboration?

List of proofer cups in stock

Below you will find some brands and manufacturers of intermediate proofers. For all these manufacturers we supply proofer cups and pockets directly from stock:

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You can order your proofer cups and pockets right here through our online shop. You will find proofer cups for all major brands of first or intermediate proofers. Go to our shop.