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1  Durable products

2  All pockets available in Metal Detectable version

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4  New user friendly clip design

5  No MOQ’s

6 Technical support (on site)

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Anti-bacterial additives and UV protection

Proofer cups or pockets deteriorate and taint over time by the impact of bacteria and ultraviolet radiation of the UV lamps within the proofer. That is why Beke Proofer Cups developed and tested new plastic compounds for the production of more stable and long-lasting proofer pocket’s frames. By adding new materials to the basic resin of the frame, bacteria no longer contaminates the surface of the pocket’s frame. The result is a proofer cup that is and remains free of bacteria: in other words a more hygiene product.

By adding an extra UV stabilizer to the compound, the frame of the pocket is better prepared to withstand the constant impact of the UV beams of the UV-C lamps. The life time of the pockets is extended with several years due to the frame maintaining its flexibility and not becoming brittle.

All these improvements make for a hygiene, longer lasting and cost-efficient proofer pocket. 

Balanced additive package for the frame resin

Special plastic: the plastic frame feels greasy, the dough adheres less quickly.
Longer lifespan: UV stabilizer offers better resistance to the impact of UV-C radiation.
Better hygiene: antibacterial additive prevents bacterial growth.
Color Stabilizer: The frame keeps its color.
More ease of use: the longer clips make it easy to change the cups.

Easy to use

Flexible in execution: you order the pocket in the execution as you want it.
Round dough cups, suitable for WP Haton and Beko:
Frame is available in different versions of flexibility: from less rigid to very flexible.

Ordering our products 

Ordering: no minimum order quantity for standard versions
Technical Support: during a visit to your bakery, by phone, email or WhatsApp
Delivery time: Bread pockets always available from stock, morning goods produced on order.

Standard proofer cups or tailor-made cups

In our online shop you can order the standard sizes and shapes for all major proofer manufacturers. If you operate other brands or use different sizes and shapes Beke Proofer Cups can produce tailor-made pockets for your dough handling equipment. Whether you are a commercial bakery, a distributor of bakery supplies or a manufacturer of dough handling equipment, please get in touch with Beke Proofer Cups for more information and prices.

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You can order your proofer cups and pockets right here through our online shop. You will find proofer cups that fit all major brands of first or intermediate proofers.

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